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Here's Your Magic of pH Video Library

The Magic of pH full video
Watch Dr. Tom Taylor train health care practitioners from all over the world how to test urine and saliva pH, and interpret the results properly.
How it all works together
Look inside your mind and body, discover how it all works, and what makes it work efficiently.
How to Test, Measure and Monitor Urine pH
Here's what to do and what it means, step-by-step.
How to Perform the 2-Day Urine pH Challenge
Discover your true health status and how to change it!
How to Understand and Interpret Your Urine pH Results
Discover your TRUE health status.
How to Understand and Interpret Your Saliva pH Results
Discover how well you're handling the stresses of life today, those from your past that you remember, and those you may have forgotten ... or wish you could.
The World's Shortest Nutrition Lesson
Here's the ideal diet in a nutshell.
How to know if your nutritional supplements are working
What you take and what your body does with it are often very different!
You have everything you need already!
Here's a light-hearted illustration of an important principle.
How to Heal Your Memory
Learn how to restore your saliva pH to normal
and stop "running from bears."
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