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Discover what your diet is really doing and how to restore balance!
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Record your saliva pH results and follow your progress!
Saliva pH Test Results
Learn how well you're handling the stresses of life, past memories, find true healing, and recover your joy!
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Positive Signs to Look For

Examples of Urine and Saliva pH Results

Optimal Urine pH
on 1st or 2nd morning test
Optimal Urine pH
after the 2-day challenge
Undesirable Urine pH
after the 2-day challenge
Optimal Saliva pH
before and after Vitamin C
Worst Case Saliva pH
before and after Vitamin C

Graphics Sampler

Acid-Alkaline Balance
Acid Outside, Alkaline Inside
Contractive and Expansive
Sick Cells vs. Happy Cells
Standard American Diet (SAD)
Protein-Calcium Loss
Osteoporosis Progression
pH Progression from Young to Old
Your Body is the Macrocosm
of Every Cell
The Mitochondrion –
The Heart and Lungs of the Cell
Energy Production
How Much Protein Do You Need?

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